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Our services: Outsourcing, Co-creation, Expanding, Recruitment and placement.

Basis for all business models are a few starting points, with the objective to maximise our effectiveness and to create a sustainable model. We offer:

  • Specialised Bangladesh IT companies, pre-selected based on our own assessment model, and fit to work based on our standards and training methods;
  • Our own local development team, incl. local coordination and support;
  • Standard analysis & design documents;
  • Standard format;
  • Standard development techniques.


  • Big insurance company: business-analyses including SWOT workshops in relation to outsourcing ICT services.
  • Car importing company: management support through several scrum teams.
  • Dutch bank: Involvement as process architects during automation projects.
  • Big distribution centers: solution architect during all processes at the mechanization of distribution-centers and the integration with the back-office systems.
  • University: preparing ESB manuals for SOA based application integrations.
  • Migration of the “Call Center Damage” from a bank to an insurance company and at the same time responsible for the architecture of the new system-landscape.
  • Implementation of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) at several companies.
  • Implementation of a Clinical Trial Management System for tracking worldwide medical studies.
  • Working as project owners within scrum teams.
  • Software development in relation to Hospital Pharmacy and all connected business processes.

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